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Mothers Day is coming!

The origin of Mothers Day started in 1900's, by one daughter who upon the passing of her mother, wanted to honor her mother and the sacrifices she made for the family. Beautiful isn't it? How love for someone has that profound effect.

Next month marks Mothers Day on May 14th, and you're probably pondering that infamous question: " what does she need"? Or "I have no idea what to get her"?

Let's break down the gift giving process shall we?

We can all get "stuck" on what to get someone for a special day or occasion, but few people ever think about what does that person like? This goes beyond basics like chocolate, cats, etc. I'm talking about favorite quote or saying, favorite color, smell, place or places, food like maybe she digs tacos 😂.

When you sit and write down the persons likes, and incorporate that to their personality, (humorous, serious, sarcastic, carefree, etc) you get that amazing gift! Only thing, you can rarely find it in a huge dept store. You may find that gift but it's the wrong color, or size, or not made well. Then back to square one of frustration.

This is where I can help you turn something that can be stressful to something fun and memorable!

Handmade items are unique. The reason why they are is because YOU help design them. You do!

I will ask about the person, their likes, personality, colors... and whether it's a handcrafted wooden house, a sign with their favorite quote (or joke ;-)) or a far out groovy t shirt or sweatshirt, you will have something amazing, unique and tailored for that special person. Check out my custom order process and contact me today on your unique creation.

PS: I am ALWAYS adding more items once they're created, so please ask if you are looking for something in particular. Most items listed are customizable as well.

Hope to hear from you!

Simply Said Gifts

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